Playtest Session #2: A Matter of Odds

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Aug 122020

Last night’s session went very well indeed, with a lot of the rules questions being ironed out and only a few clarifications needed (see below). The real talking point of the session was powered by some amazing playtester work on probabilities earlier in the week and a deep discussion on the implications of the smaller hand sizes on Mission design.

You see, they failed the mission.

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Playtest Session #1: Questions, Questions!

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Aug 052020

And so, the playtest begins, and from the get-go, I can see the value of playtesting a game whose baseline assumptions are over ten years old. Duty & Honour was borne of the indie revolution of the mid-2000s and a lot of the core assumptions were … vague. In many ways, ideas like shared narrative and conflict resolution have moved into different modern places and this makes the admittedly wishy-washy way I handled it previously just too lose. There was also a little bit of ‘no author included’ going on; people who have played in one of my games see me run it and then do the same, but those that have not always find a new interpretation of the rules to bring to the table. So there was a lot to question as we went along.

Rather than write up a blow-by-blow of the action, I’ll just highlight some of the questions raised, especially around new mechanics.

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Once more unto the Peninsular

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Jul 312020

This has been a long time coming, but after a couple of alpha test runs out in the open at Contingency 2020, the full Duty & Honour Revised Edition (Second Edition, Waterloo Edition … I haven’t decided) private playtest has started.

The 103rd Duke of Monmouth Rangers have been dragged from their ceremonial duties and sent to Lisbon in the wake of the retreat from A Coruna. Amongst their number, the drunken Exploring officer Major McAllister has gathered a half company of men together to forage deep into Portugal and return intelligence on the French.

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Gaming Sharpe: Sharpe’s Enemy

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Dec 082019


It’s December 1812 and Sharpe is tasked with the rescue of some important hostages who have been taken by a group of deserters. To make matters worse, one of the hostages in the wife of a senior officer (and a former flame of Sharpe), another is the wife of a French officer and one of the deserters is his nemesis, Hakeswill. Oh, and he has a troop of rockets as well… 

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Cheap Ass Counters

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Jul 282019

I have never been an enthusiastic buyer of miniatures. Sure, I have more than a few that seem to have come into my possession and before my eyesight dropped off a cliff I was semi-competent at painting them – but they have never been something I have embraced with glee. Eye-watering prices combine with difficulties in transport to make them impractical. And yet, remarkably, for games like D&D I actually love minis and grids. So what am I to do? Make an alternative!

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