All Quiet on the Western Front?

It seems to have all gone quiet on the Omnihedron front, hasn’t it? Here’s a quick update on where I am with what, gaming-wise.

51phmliyxol-_sx325_bo1204203200_Blogging: Is going to start again – as the higher education year grinds down from the furore of final submissions and into exam boards, a little more headspace can be allocated to gaming and games design. Hurrah!

Duty & Honour: I’ve been slowly pulling my thoughts together for the revised edition and I have my long summer holidays pencilled in for some major work on it. I don’t have the original files anymore so I have someone typing them up for me, and then I can use that as the basis to expand and adapt for the new version. I’ll be looking for some playtesting around about Autumn 2018, I imagine with the main action coming next year.

Liminal: I’ve been doing a lot of work on Liminal, a game of British urban fantasy by Paul Mitchener. Liminal had a really tremendous Kickstarter and Paul entrusted me with not one, but two stretch goals (Liminal London and Novocastria) and a some extras for other books. The first draft of Liminal London was twice as long as expected – and I could have doubled that word count easily – and has been submitted. Why has this jumped the queue? Simple – the Omnihedron laptop is nearly 5 years old now and it’s showing. I need new hardware!

61yidpkntl-_sx325_bo1204203200_At the Table?: Our game of Symbaroum continues. We have completed the Copper Crown mini-campaign and are at the start of Wrath of the Warden at the moment. We don’t play too often and the game is continuing to deliver a rich, layered and dangerous experience. I’m also starting a short run of Traveller soon, because you know, after buying the original books some 32 years ago I should probably get around to running it. I’m also running a little D&D at the newly forged college D&D Club. More on that later…

Reading: A huge portion of my reading has been taken up with research for Liminal London, but I have needed a palette cleanser before I head into books new, so I have started reading the Starbuck books by Bernard Cornwell. I’ve very little knowledge of the American Civil War so its all new to me, and well, Cornwell rarely puts a foot wrong in my opinion, so I presume it’ll be good stuff.

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