What’s on the horizon?

Well here are my initial thoughts on the short term future of Omnihedron Games.

The most important thing is that I want to create but I don’t necessarily want to make great bins of cash. During my hiatus it has become apparent to me that the creative process is the real return on these things, not the money. That’s not saying I won’t be charging for things in the future but my aim is to give more stuff away than I charge for.

The first thing to move from the ‘Great Geordie Ideas Pile’ to the website will be Novocastria. Embracing my Geordie roots and my love of my home town, this is ‘Neverwhere North’ – a setting based on  the hidden secrets of Newcastle (or Novocastria as it was known). I’m aiming to initially make this system-less – a resource of ideas and stories that can be picked up and used by anyone who enjoys urban fantasy, or who would like a template for the development of their own home city setting.

The second thing is something that I have been thinking about for ages – a conglomeration of a number of ideas really. I want to write some SF gaming material, and I particularly love ‘in-system’ SF. I’ve also wanted to do something with the Crimean War for a long time as I find it a fascinating conflict that gets very little attention. Finally, I’ve always been interested in a modular adventure format where the players take the roles of a series of characters, viewing an adventure from different angles and experiencing different moments in the unfolding story. The model for this sort of thing looks a lot like the method John Harper has used for Lady Blackbird.  Something simple and painfully evocative. That is what I have codenamed The War.

But what about your existing games Neil? What about ‘Empire‘ and ‘Era‘?

I promise nothing. Easy stuff first – a systemless document and a series of short encounters. What comes next? We shall see.

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