Welcome to the Hidden World
Most of my writing, of late, has been focused on the wonderful Liminal RPG penned by the talented (and annoyingly prolific) Dr Paul Mitchener. Liminal is a very British take on urban fantasy, mixing familiar tropes of vampires and mages with whimsical British folklore and urban legend. I’ve had the pleasure of writing two sourcebooks for it so far – Novocastria is in the publishing pipeline – and some adventures, with more in the works. Liminal is a beautiful game, illustrated by the awesome Jason Behnke and you can see the full collection of products here

Pax Londinium [Buy It Here]
Pax Londinium is the sourcebook for London in the Liminal setting. Rather than cover every single aspect of London myth, legend and folklore, I tried to balance Liminal lore around the Queen of Hyde Park, P Division etc. with some of the more obscure London tales, such as the Pig Headed Man of Maida Vale. It’s packed with content and beautiful art!

Liminal Quickstart [Buy It Here]
I wrote the introductory scenario for the Quickstart – ‘The Dead’ introduces the Vampire Forensics Squad of P Division and hints at some developments in London that may be amiss. Focusing on vampires and the HS2 dig site at Euston Station, it makes for a great two-part introduction to the game.

The Eyes Have It [Buy It Here]
A murder mystery leads to corruption, the seedy ‘magickal’ underworld of wannabees and much much more. This is one of my go-to convention games given real form and is perfect to be played with your own characters or the Guild of Investigators from Pax Londinium. It can also follow on from One Boggart’s Rubbish to make a mini campaign.

One Boggart’s Rubbish… [Buy It Here]
Another of my convention adventures, this is a good old Macguffin chase that introduces the players and their characters to the various factions within London as they race to uphold the honour of two lovers who happen to be fae knights of opposing courts. Combined with One Boggart’s rubbish, this makes a nice mini-campaign.