Once more unto the Peninsular

This has been a long time coming, but after a couple of alpha test runs out in the open at Contingency 2020, the full Duty & Honour Revised Edition (Second Edition, Waterloo Edition … I haven’t decided) private playtest has started.

The 103rd Duke of Monmouth Rangers have been dragged from their ceremonial duties and sent to Lisbon in the wake of the retreat from A Coruna. Amongst their number, the drunken Exploring officer Major McAllister has gathered a half company of men together to forage deep into Portugal and return intelligence on the French.

Amongst their number, a Methodist Viscount Lieutenant seeking some solace for his soul, a gruff Sergeant from Yorkshire who knows a thing or two about t’law, a gentlemen volunteer with a colourful background and a secret marriage and a wily private who doubles as the company baker.

The changes so far have been absorbing the new Measures and Damage rules into the game, and tweaking some of the random events in character generation for more flavour and a wider range of outcomes, whilst also reducing ‘analysis paralysis’ with choice guidance.

The next section to rework properly is the creation of Missions and their rewards. Getting that progression right will be key to allowing a campaign game to work.

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