The Home Table

Its not all about the crazy world of games design and promotion. Sometimes you just sit down and play. Below are a selection of the games that I have been playing (or am still playing) recently.


Aether Guard (Mouse Guard Hack 2016-2017)
We have just finished a game of Mouse Guard, hacked to a flying-ships, floating islands, 18th century swashbuckle-fest called Aether Guard. The game wiki is located here.



The Watch (Fate Accelerated 2015-present)

The Watch is my ongoing ‘living’ Fate Accelerated campaign that is played out at UK Conventions. Starting at LongCon 2015 and continuing at Seven Hills 2016, the game tracks the (mis)fortunes of London’s occult police force in a world loosely based on The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.

You can keep abreast of the world of the Watch here and the more detailed world information is held on The Watch Wiki

Trailer for The Watch#1

Trailer for The Watch#2

Trailer for The Watch#3